Saturday, March 2, 2013

Test Forum Design

With no objection to the selection of MyBB as the forum software to pursue, I am now initiating the construction of a test forum.

The basic structure of the test forum and sub-forums will be constructed by 3/9.

I will attempt to unify the log in process with the Convention USA website by 3/16.

Regardless, on 3/16 I will make the test forum available to:
- All Convention USA officers,
- All Convention USA Committee Chairmen,
- Any other delegate requesting access, upon verification by the Credentials Committee.

To request access, post here with your delegate ID, or send a request to me at:

Discussion on the basic design will be opened on 3/9.

Ben Prather
Internet Committee Chairman


  1. I have completed the initial sketch of how I envision an effective forum layout for the operation of Convention USA.

    The forum is visible at the following stable URL:

    Discussion of the organization of the forum is now open. Graphical design issues, other than using the banner from the home page as the logo, have not been considered.

    I will presently be creating accounts with usernames of the form "TestFL012" for all delegates having participated in the discussion at this blog. The initial passwords will be sent to the users via e-mail.

    Due to unforeseen travel plans, I will be extending the deadline for unifying the log in process for a week, until 3/23.

    1. I have tentatively created a publicly open user account.

      Username: Public Demo
      Password: Password

      At the first sign of trouble, this account will be deleted.

  2. It has been brought to my attention that the user accounts I had created did not have the permissions I had intended at the forum.

    These accounts should now be able to participate in the following forums:
    - General Questions
    - Internet Committee - Forum Suggestions
    - State Caucuses - Test State Caucus

    I copy the following post I entered in the Forum Suggestion section:

    Please post your ideas here. It is essential for a successful launch of this forum that a critical mass of Internet Committee members are willing to regularly participate in this discussion.

    Without this, no amount of setup will suffice.