Internet Committee Blog Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to apply only to the proceedings of the Convention USA Internet Committee as they are conducted at

These guidelines may be edited at any time by the Internet Committee Chairman, with the advice and consent of the Internet Committee. Advice should be made as a comment to this page.

  • Each post should be a separate topic. 
  • Longer topics should be broken into smaller portions, ideally one page each.
  • Topics may be made more concise by placing the arguments for the adoption of the topic as an initial comment in the topic.
  • Anyone is welcome to comment on any topic.
  • Comments must be related to the topic outlined the opening post.
  • Only the committee members listed as contributors, Convention USA officers and the Chairmen of the Convention USA Standing Committees have standing to vote for any motion.
Posting Without Blogger Account:
  • Anyone can post using the Name/URL option. Simply leave the URL blank.
  • Convention USA Delegates without a Blogger account should identify themselves with their Delegate credentials. I am FL012, for example. 
Committee Reference Pages:
The Internet Committee Chairman will maintain the following pages:
  • Active Topics:  Links to all unresolved discussions.
  • Draft Report: A draft of the report the Internet Committee Chairman intends to give at the next convening of Convention USA.

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